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Mold Information

We encourage everyone to study the causes of mold and how it could effect someone's health. But rather than hear it from one source, we encourage you to visit these outside organizations for more information: Mold Article

A article regarding moisture within a home and the health effects of mold growths in an indoor environment.

CDC Mold Information

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) resource provided by the CDC on mold and indoor environmental topics.

NYC Dept of Health Website

A New York City Department of Health website regarding the health effects of mold shown in a Question & Answer format.

FEMA Article on Mold Hazards

FEMA article regarding water damage and how mold can spread from water intrusion from within a home.

National Association of Realtors Article

A collective report of conclusions on the health effects of mold exposure in different situations.

WebMD Article on Health Effects of Mold

A WebAD article regarding negative health effects of mold exposure in households.